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Minutes of the 2001 Mistral Junior One Design Class Annual Council Meeting held at Pattaya Park Beach Resort on Jomtien Beach, Pattaya  Thailand on Saturday December 1st  at 1830hrs

Vladimir Plavsic        IMCO Canada         (1)
Diederik Bakker        IMCO Germany       (1)
Ricardo Giordano     IMCO Italy               (1)
Paco Wirz                 IMCO Italy              
Takis Nikiforides       IMCO Greece          (1)
Takis Bizios             
Pedro Silveira           IMCO Mexico           (1)
Ronnie Meir              IMCO Israel              (1)
Tak Sum Wong         IMCO Hong Kong     (1)
Ernst Schliemann
Pawel Krimbacher    IMCO Austria           (1)
Bruce Kendall           IMCO New Zealand (1)
Carmen Vaz             IMCO Spain              (1)
Paco Manchon         IMCO Spain 
Jacco Koops            IMCO Holland            (1)
Jochum Brennickmeijer     
Christine Brooks        USWA
Rusty Buchannan  
Mike Gebhardt           IMCO USA                (1)
Greg Johns               IMCO Australia         (1)
Lorgan Wong            IMCO Singapore       Observer
Marc Cardon             FRA                          Observer
Rory Ramsden          Exec. Sec. IMCO & MJOD

1.       Election of Chairman of the Meeting & point of order
·         Greg Johns was elected to act as Chairman of the Meeting;
·         This being the first Annual Meeting of the MJOD "Recognised" Class Association, it was proposed that each national IMCO with a recognised delegate present at the meeting have one vote.  - Proposed GRE Seconded by ISR; Carried 12 in favour; One abstention (FRA) - accepted

2.       To adopt the new IMCO constitution (approved by ISAF).
·         Proposed AUS Seconded CAN – unanimous vote in favour

3.       To elect the slate of candidates standing for a position on the MJOD Committee together with Tak Sum Wong (HKG) and Ernst Schliemann (GER).
·         Proposed AUS Seconded NZL – unanimous vote in favour- accepted
The following are duly elected
Chairman      Charles Cali           FRA
Vice              Takis Nikiforides   GRE
                     Paco Wirz              ITA
                     Tak Sum Wong      HKG
                     Lisa Neuberger     USVI
                     Ernst Schliemann   GER
                     Jon Matthews        CAN
                     Offer Botzer          ISR
                     Carmen Denis        CAN
                    Raul Pasqualin        BRA

4.       To elect Bill Joselin as the Chief Measurer of the MJOD Class
·         Proposed AUS Seconded NZL – unanimous vote in favour- accepted

5.       2002 MJOD Class Rules (Changes & equipment issues)
         That the class Rules be amended so that either the Sting 30/460 Mast and one other mast of the competitor's choice be Class Legal - Proposed ESP Seconded ITA–7 votes against- 2 abstentions - Rejected
         That the class Rules be amended so that either the Sting 30/460 Mast or the 50/50 carbon Mistral One Design Mast be Class Legal - Proposed NZL Seconded GER – unanimous vote in favour- accepted
         That any mast & boom may be used with a sail of less than 5 sq. metres    - Proposed NZL Seconded GER – 9 votes in favour; 1 abstention- accepted
·         That the class Rules be amended so that the Junior & Minim Divisions may compete with either the Mistral One Design 6.6 or 5.9 sails only and that the Mini-Minims may compete with either the Mistral One Design 5.9 sail and one other sail of their choice of less than 5 sq. metres in area.  - Proposed NZL Seconded GER – unanimous vote in favour - accepted
·         That the 'Freeride 34' fin may be used in place of the MOD fin    - Proposed AUS Seconded GRE – 12 votes against- 1 abstentions - Rejected
·         That the MJOD Class Rules be re-written to conform to the ISAF Standard Class Rules  - Proposed AUS Seconded GRE – 8 votes for- 1 abstentions - accepted

6.       New equipment Proposals:
·         " That the Mistral "Prodigy" One Design be adopted by the MJOD as the equipment to be used by the MJOD Junior, Minim & Mini-Minim Divisions in the Mistral European Youth and Junior World Championships from 2002 onwards."  -          Proposed AUT Seconded GER – 2 votes for- 10 against - 1 abstention - rejected
·         "That the MJOD Class establish criteria so that a new Junior One Design board and rigs can be developed by Boards & More (or other) manufacturers"   - Withdrawn by GER
·        "That the MJOD Class should adopt new equipment after thorough testing and analysis has been carried out by a group of experienced windsurf specialists." 
           -   Proposed AUT Seconded GER – 7 votes for- 5 against - 1 abstention - accepted

7.       Joint Executive office for the Windsurfing Classes
·         “That the administration of the day to day affairs of the MJOD should be in the hands of an Executive Office that may also administer the affairs of other windsurfing classes or organisations provided that..
a.       The MJOD Committee has confidence in the paid executives concerned;
b.       The Office has a credible business plan;
c.       The office activities are properly funded by revenue derived from class events, the industry, national class membership fees etc
d.       That the individual classes concerned adopt the same ISAF approved constitution”
·         "That in principle as a class, the MJOD has the will to become part of an organisation encompassing all ISAF International / Recognised windsurfing classes.
-          Proposed AUT Seconded GER – unanimous vote in favour - accepted
·         That Peter Krimbacher (AUT) be elected to represent the MJOD Class on the IWA board of directors;
-          Proposed AUS;  Seconded MEX – 8 votes for - 5 votes against -  accepted

7.   World Championship event sites for 2002/2003/2004
There followed presentations from Mexico and the Space Coast, Florida both of whom are bidding to host the 2003 Junior & Youth Worlds.
-          Mexico's bid is supported by the National Authority and is for the event to be staged in Progresso on the Yucatan Peninsula. Accommodation is available on site and a proposal is being worked out to include flights; accommodation and full board. This together with a detailed proposal & signed agreement will be presented in writing before the end of March 2002.
-          The Space Coast is 37 miles from Orlando International Airport and 8 miles from the Kennedy Space Centre. The bid is from the USWA and the local sports commission who have hosted many high profile events before. The site will be the Calema Beach Park with accommodation being at the Cocos Expos Sports Centre where there are 100 dorm rooms. This is 4 miles from the venue so transfers will be arranged on a daily basis; A detailed proposal & signed agreement will be presented in writing before the end of March 2002.
-          The meeting was asked to express a preference subject to satisfactory contractual negotiations between Mexico and the USA. The vote was 8 in favour of Mexico and 5 in favour of the US bid.
NB.  ·         Assuming that the 2003 Youth & Junior Worlds will be staged outside Europe at the end of November, the Executive Office will invite bids from organisers to stage an Open European Youth & Junior Championship at a separate location and date to the Mistral European Championship for the Olympic fleets.
·         A bid has been received from Bulgaria to host the 2004 Youth & Junior Worlds. This has been accompanied by a signed agreement. The Executive Office will follow this up and elicit a detailed bid for discussion at the 2002 JYM Worlds.

8.       Any other business
·         That the mini-minims cease to be a division in the MJOD Junior World Championship  -          Proposed ESP  – 1 vote for- 12 against -  rejected