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2010 annual report from IMCO to the ISAF Windsurfing Committee

During 2010 IMCO have focused their efforts on working with Anders Bringdal International Co. to put the Mistral One Design back into production to meet demand from many groups of racers, national windsurfing associations and ISAF Member National Authorities.

The one design board, with new graphics, has begun rolling off the production line in Cobra. A new sail and rig has been sourced and is being distributed. Demand is particularly strong from the Asian windsurfing community, where the class is important in the development of the sport, is used in major competitions, including the forthcoming Asian Games.

This year the Asian Championships were held in Pattaya, Thailand, from 15thto 23rd January; with Navin Singsart (THA) declared champion.

An Asian Championships, an African Championship, and a World Championship are planned for 2011.  The MOD class will therefore be present on racing sites, at all levels, in the future.

Jean-Francois REGGIO
IMCO President